Monday, October 11, 2010

my passion for fashion.

Wow! it's been months since my last post, i was so busy with school + my thesis ugh. Term break just came and it ended so fast 'sigh', One week term break, pfft. Oh well, moving on to business, my best friend and i decided to do another shoot so we called up the whole tropa(friends) to join us. I did the styling + make up and luis took our photos.

L-R: luisa, moi, alain

on moi (plain white sleeveless - divi, tattered black corduroy pants, brown wedge - janeo, black bowtie from alain's bro)

on moi (black 3/4 sleeves top - Zara, red high-waist short - custom made, brown wedge - janeo, necklaces + ring from alain)

my make-up : smokey eyes + nude pink lipstick

on alain(gray lacey dress - ukay, brown slip on heels - figlia, bangle + ring - model's own)

I'm happy the shoot ended with lots of fun and I'm so thankful to have friends that's so supportive. Hoping to do this again in the near future, next time with lots of gorgeous shoes and fabulous dresses! <3
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