Saturday, August 20, 2011

08-20-11 grunge

Here's what I wore at a photoshoot yesterday. I altered my brother's white shirt from Artwork. I did cut the neckline (to make it an almost off-shoulder thing) and the lower front part which I've seen so much recently over the internet. I also altered the sleeves and made it fit my arms. I'm hoping so much someone would give me portable sewing machine as a christmas gift. Then I thought, Santa might accidently read this one and make my year end with a HUGE smile. :]

Hype my look HERE.

My Sigma brush giveaway is still open. Click HERE to join! :]

Iryn :]


Did a photoshoot yesterday for a model friend (styling,direction, and make up). That's me and alain lookin' at the pictures. I'm really happy to have a very supportive bestfriend. She's always there to support me in every photoshoot and always pumps up my confidence whenever I'm losing some. Big cheers to all bestfriends out there! LOL :]

iryn :]

Luna's Shop

Finished a photoshoot for Luna's Shop just last week and here's the group shot excluding the photographer and the owner of Luna's Shop. Im really loving that rusty background. hehe Will blog about the shop soon. But for now, feel free to join my Sigma brush giveaway! HERE.

iryn :]
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