Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My first make-up brush set :]

I fell in-love with make-up when my closest friend in school , Julie , told me to join a make-up group session at her house, which eventually led to the foundation of "the make up geek club". I thank her big time for that. lol. I know i'm not that good in make-up, but since then i started to practice and use my face as the canvas for such art.

Just recently, i guess a week ago, i bought a make-up brush set (well technically it was my Bf who bought it for me. LOL). Julie was the one who told me about that brush set which was cheap but worth the buy.

I saw it on SM department store at MOA. She (julie) was definitely right about it being cheap! It only costs P375.00 ($8.65), i was really surprised when i saw the price tag and when i opened the bag it has 18 pcs. of brush! talk about weirdness in a good way. LOL It consists of flat brushes, too sad it doesn't have any round brush, like just one. :|

It has long wooden handle which is perfect for easy grip. I thought the bristles might be a little hard or harsh for the skin but it's not! I already used it on our latest photoshoot which i blogged 2 days ago. The bristles are soft and are easy to clean. I don't know if other SM department stores have this.

This was my first make-up brush set and i hope to use it for a long time ~ of practice. LOL

~ misviolet :]

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