Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween look ~ Make up Geek Club

The Make up Geek Club is celebrating the Halloween! whoppee! so here's my contribution. It's a toy soldier/nutcracker look from here, Jen's her name and after i saw that tutorial/video...i fell in love with her!haha She's really pretty and very creative. If you want to try the look for Halloween or want to check out her blog for other looks, click this. <3

sorry for the low quality picture/s. Only using my webcam cos my digicam is broken.

I super thank Alain for letting me use her laptop and matte eyeshadows, cos i dont have any :( , And Kath for the lighting. When i'm doing this look they were busy putting some facial mask on. Thanks again for Alain for buying me one of those facial mask! :]

After removing the lower part of my make up (lips, lines, blush) i noticed i can still use my eye make up for a photo trip! haha


Removing make up is the most hardest part. Got a teary eye after removing my fake lashes.

FUN! Halloween is fun! hehe

Sunday, October 24, 2010

my new icons for rock.

I'm a fan of rock music. Maybe because when i was a baby, my uncles love to turn on the player and put on rock songs from grunge to punk when i'm not sleeping and even when i'm sleeping (that's what they said). When i dress up i usually like to wear anything depending on my mood and to what hypes me. My everyday look can never be complete without my studded belt. That's my confidence-booster accessory lol.

Nana Oosaki - from the NANA movie, is full of awesomeness. lol. I like her style especially those studded stuffs around her (choker, belt, bracelet, etc.). Things that me and Nana have in common: She loves rock music and i also do. She loves studded stuffs and i also do. And lastly we're both thin. LOL

she's in a band named black stones (BLAST for short).

I used to watched Gossip Girl cos of Blake Lively and John patrick Amedori. Now i dont. I first saw Taylor Momsen at GG and Oh my, she's really cute. I'm a fan of her style and her love for music. She sings for the band: the pretty reckless and her voice is amazing. She loves to wear heavy black eyeliner and she also loves to wear super high-heel shoes even when she's at a gig which is amazing cos walking + jumping + singing + head-banging is kinda hard.

she's only 17!

that's all folks! ciao! :]

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


It was a rainy gloomy day yesterday SO, i txt-ed alain what she's up to and she replied she's not busy. We went to kath's (bestfriend) house then alain wanted to go to that pizza house just outside our subdivision. We ordered a family size all meat + extra pineapple topping (joy & i like pineapple in our pizza). YUM!

Kath wanted to glam-up (make-up experiment) so we went to alain's house and voila! fun fun fun!

i did a smokey eye make up + nude pink lipstick on kath.

and of course i need to prettify too. lol

with alain (natural eye make-up + nude pink lipstick)

FUN FUN FUN! I love my friends!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

New Park on my map.

Me and my bestfriend, alain (+ her BF +2 more close guy friends) went to this park called eco-park blah blah. LOL The park's kinda small but it has tables with lights which looks like glowing mushrooms at night. And OH! it has animals!alive ones!It houses a snake, cute turtles, a monkey(a hungry one) and a cute tiger (also a hungry one, maybe bcos the keeper's busy, He forgot to feed them LOL)

We rode a jeep on our way there. Here's the proof:

Me, Bestfriend + some random guy was riding at the back of the jeep so we took advantage of the situation, time for a photo trip! haha! I super thank my Bestfriend for this clear shot cos the jeep's running fast, like the driver's in a hurry he's gonna pee on his pants anytime soon. LOL

My bestfriend took this photo which she did, obviously, which i asked her to for the sake of my noob status in Lookbook. LOL

This was bought by my boyfriend when he went to the states with his family for a vacation. HEE HEE. LOL

Hope some of you liked the look, well if you do...Thank you! *hugs* lol

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My first make-up brush set :]

I fell in-love with make-up when my closest friend in school , Julie , told me to join a make-up group session at her house, which eventually led to the foundation of "the make up geek club". I thank her big time for that. lol. I know i'm not that good in make-up, but since then i started to practice and use my face as the canvas for such art.

Just recently, i guess a week ago, i bought a make-up brush set (well technically it was my Bf who bought it for me. LOL). Julie was the one who told me about that brush set which was cheap but worth the buy.

I saw it on SM department store at MOA. She (julie) was definitely right about it being cheap! It only costs P375.00 ($8.65), i was really surprised when i saw the price tag and when i opened the bag it has 18 pcs. of brush! talk about weirdness in a good way. LOL It consists of flat brushes, too sad it doesn't have any round brush, like just one. :|

It has long wooden handle which is perfect for easy grip. I thought the bristles might be a little hard or harsh for the skin but it's not! I already used it on our latest photoshoot which i blogged 2 days ago. The bristles are soft and are easy to clean. I don't know if other SM department stores have this.

This was my first make-up brush set and i hope to use it for a long time ~ of practice. LOL

~ misviolet :]

Monday, October 11, 2010

my passion for fashion.

Wow! it's been months since my last post, i was so busy with school + my thesis ugh. Term break just came and it ended so fast 'sigh', One week term break, pfft. Oh well, moving on to business, my best friend and i decided to do another shoot so we called up the whole tropa(friends) to join us. I did the styling + make up and luis took our photos.

L-R: luisa, moi, alain

on moi (plain white sleeveless - divi, tattered black corduroy pants, brown wedge - janeo, black bowtie from alain's bro)

on moi (black 3/4 sleeves top - Zara, red high-waist short - custom made, brown wedge - janeo, necklaces + ring from alain)

my make-up : smokey eyes + nude pink lipstick

on alain(gray lacey dress - ukay, brown slip on heels - figlia, bangle + ring - model's own)

I'm happy the shoot ended with lots of fun and I'm so thankful to have friends that's so supportive. Hoping to do this again in the near future, next time with lots of gorgeous shoes and fabulous dresses! <3
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