Sunday, October 24, 2010

my new icons for rock.

I'm a fan of rock music. Maybe because when i was a baby, my uncles love to turn on the player and put on rock songs from grunge to punk when i'm not sleeping and even when i'm sleeping (that's what they said). When i dress up i usually like to wear anything depending on my mood and to what hypes me. My everyday look can never be complete without my studded belt. That's my confidence-booster accessory lol.

Nana Oosaki - from the NANA movie, is full of awesomeness. lol. I like her style especially those studded stuffs around her (choker, belt, bracelet, etc.). Things that me and Nana have in common: She loves rock music and i also do. She loves studded stuffs and i also do. And lastly we're both thin. LOL

she's in a band named black stones (BLAST for short).

I used to watched Gossip Girl cos of Blake Lively and John patrick Amedori. Now i dont. I first saw Taylor Momsen at GG and Oh my, she's really cute. I'm a fan of her style and her love for music. She sings for the band: the pretty reckless and her voice is amazing. She loves to wear heavy black eyeliner and she also loves to wear super high-heel shoes even when she's at a gig which is amazing cos walking + jumping + singing + head-banging is kinda hard.

she's only 17!

that's all folks! ciao! :]
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