Tuesday, June 7, 2011

'twist then curl' hair tutorial

I blogged about this hair tutorial a few post back. Now this is the complete blog post. This is a very easy and super fast hair tutorial. It's perfect when you're out of electricity (for you curling iron) or you just don't own a curling iron. So here we go :

First, section your hair. Clip on the upper half of your hair. You need to start from underneath then work your way up cos' it's much easier.
Then grab a section of your hair (depends on how thick you want it). I chose to make thin curls since I have thin hair.

Then using your index and middle finger, roll up your hair, vertically. (as pictured above)

Then flip it again in a horizontal way.

Continue circling your hair horizontally on the section of hair your working with. It will look like on the picture above.

Then if you've reach 1/4 of the section lock it by sticking the end part of the it in the middle of your index and middle finger. Then push the twisted part downward to lock it all up. It should look like on the picture above.

This is how it should look like.

My hair all twisted. haha I sprayed each twisted curls with hairspray and just let it stay for about 2 to 4 minutes and your done! To unlock or untwist it all just pull the remaining part / hair (1/4 remaining) of the twisted hair.

Tada! This is the finish look! It took me or should I say my sister (the hands with blue nail polish on the pictures) about 6 minutes to finish / twist all my hair so all in all it took us 10 mins. for this look. Hope it helps for some of you. Thanks for dropping by. :)


for more info about this cute things, click HERE.
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