Sunday, May 23, 2010

babydoll dresses

i have been addicted to this kind clothing/style called "babydoll". I know its not my style or look but i find it cute and girly. I'm more into dark colors, anything with stud and worn out nail polish/sneakers but now, i'm kinda liking this type of dress or style. i dunno, maybe i'm growing up and my girly-fluid inside my brain tells me to.
Babydoll dresses are usually of loose short skirt. It is often styled with lace, ruffles , applique and ribbons etc.

recently my boyfriend bought me a cute babydoll dress and I'll be sharing it with you sooner. XD but for now I'm too busy looking at some lovely babydoll dresses on the net and I'd like to share them with you.

i love the colors.

the shoes ain't buyin' the look.

the styling is too "old school" with the print and long cut of the skirt.
I like mine to be shorter. It's more cuter.

i want this one!

i searched the net more about this look and i bumped into the word "kinderwhore". After reading the word, the name Courtney Love popped out in my imaginary bubble balloon. HA! i knew it! "kinderwhore" is a type of look that made life to by some american female punk rock bands/singer like the Courtney Love. The look consist of ripped out babydoll dress, heavy make-up and leather boots or Mary Jane shoes.

something from the 90's

Oh crap. i should be doing sketches for my visionary design subject.
time for me to heave goodbye...for now.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ukay Manila's Summer's Last Hurrah Dress Giveaway!

yipee!oh sweet things!

Ukay manila is giving away 3 lovely dresses! and thats not all, they'll also be giving away a Montague Jeunesse Chocolate Masque for each dress!

You can view the contest mechanics here
and to know more about
Montague Jeunesse click here.

Here are the dresses:

i'm so loving this dress! hope i win this one!

Join now ladies!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

gala galore on election day

Election day just passed by and i didn't had the chance to vote. badtrip. Oh well, since it was a very hot day that day, my friends and i decided to go malling.

on our way to the terminal

I love this dress
(Sugaritta, Market!Market!)


Saturday, May 8, 2010


Another photo shoot with maru with my newest favorite polo blouse! (

dirty sneakers.

at the rooftop.

goofing around. HA! he caught me!

oh look. MIA stud. XD

thanks for dropping by!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Globe - Rewards for Prepaid Subscribers

Globe - Rewards for Prepaid Subscribers FAQs

Ohhh! A while ago, Globe texted me about my status in "MY REWARDS.MY GLOBE." (which was the first time i received such kind of text) It's some kind of a loyalty program that offers Globe prepaid subscribers discounts and freebies from their partners. Then i checked their site and there i found a list of discounts their partner stores offers. I got so excited when i saw their "shopping" list of discounts!

woosh! i need more points!

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