Sunday, October 17, 2010

New Park on my map.

Me and my bestfriend, alain (+ her BF +2 more close guy friends) went to this park called eco-park blah blah. LOL The park's kinda small but it has tables with lights which looks like glowing mushrooms at night. And OH! it has animals!alive ones!It houses a snake, cute turtles, a monkey(a hungry one) and a cute tiger (also a hungry one, maybe bcos the keeper's busy, He forgot to feed them LOL)

We rode a jeep on our way there. Here's the proof:

Me, Bestfriend + some random guy was riding at the back of the jeep so we took advantage of the situation, time for a photo trip! haha! I super thank my Bestfriend for this clear shot cos the jeep's running fast, like the driver's in a hurry he's gonna pee on his pants anytime soon. LOL

My bestfriend took this photo which she did, obviously, which i asked her to for the sake of my noob status in Lookbook. LOL

This was bought by my boyfriend when he went to the states with his family for a vacation. HEE HEE. LOL

Hope some of you liked the look, well if you do...Thank you! *hugs* lol

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