Friday, November 12, 2010

cold days comin'

My aunt gave me this lovely crocheted cardigan a few weeks ago. I wore it when i went to the mall to go make-up window shopping with bestfriend + her BF.

at my mom's bed LOL


I wore it to top my white sleeveless + black shorts.

BRRR. Cold days comin' have a great week everyone. :]

Almay foundation & Nichido Single eyeshadow review

I asked my mom to buy me some make up, any kind she might bump into when she go to some mall. After i think 2 days, she gave me an Almay nearly naked make up she bought from an officemate that just came back from the states. She bought it for around Php 400.00 ($9). I searched for online prices (just for curiosity) and it costs from $10 to $19 (at amazon). I dont really know the make up brand, Almay + its products. lol click THIS for info.

Front look

it's back, i still haven't removed the back sticker for the ingredients. too lazy, i guess. lol

The container's shape is rectangular and very edgy which makes it easy to open.

swatch (without flash)

I applied it on the right part of my hand (pictured above, without flash), it made my skin glossy in a darker way. eek. Must finish this up or else my mom would be in rage if it would be put to waste. lol

Soft Black, Carribean Blue and Cool Silver

Just bought 3 single eyeshadows from Nichido at SM last week. I bought 3 pieces cos its very cheap. One single eyeshadow costs Php 68.00 ($1.5), ain't that cheap?! But, Uh Oh...dont even expect much on the quality department. It is very powdery that you need to apply the shadow three times. The packaging is simple + chic and its as big as a 5 peso coin.

Nichido Cool Silver eyeshadow (applied 3 times)

made a smokey eye make up using the 3 shadows.

Closer look. Please dont mind my very untidy eyebrow. hehe

That's all...ciao! :]

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