Wednesday, December 29, 2010

late FOTD & OOTD

a big HELLO everyone and a late Merry Christmas too! OHH! just a few days until new year begins! but before that, i'll share my FOTD & OOTD. hehe. Me plus the coolest family ever went to southmall last 2 weeks ago. Went shopping and had dinner at Sbarro.

FOTD - products used:
Almay make up
Avon brown eyebrow pencil
Nichido black liquid eyeliner
EB proeyecolor mascara

I have such the messiest hair ever. I don't comb my hair that much cos i have very thin hair so i add volume by just air drying my hair and combing it using my fingers. Just the way a rockstar do it. lol

I'm in the Bralalalala land! haha!

You'll definitely laugh at where i got my cardigan. haha!

with my cute cousin, Luna. Isn't that green shirt of her so adorable? haha! Thanks for your time reading! Happy New Year to all! :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

new pumps for the new year!

KYAAAAH! I've been drooling over those fabulous high pumps i see on celebs these past few months... so meet my new pumps everyone! Its black and rockin'.

bought it for only P999.00 at SM! :)
There are a LOT of choices at SM dept. store. From simple sophisticated to funky gorgeous designs.

mr. mingming ~ my cat!

Kinda funny but i'd name my look/outfit "MCDO"

you'll definitely see these shoes for my next outfit posts. hehe


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Newspaper Nail Art Tutorial

Hello ladies! This something i would like to share to you all. A simple nail art tutorial using newspaper! yes! you read it right. lol

Things we need:

Newspaper, a scissor + colorless nail polish

Cut a small square of newspaper (size same as your nails)

Cut the lower edges

Cut the edges based on your nails

Apply one glide of colorless nail polish. This will serve as your glue.

Wait for a few seconds then put on the paper.

It will not easily stick to your nails. Put pressure on both sides of your nails using your other hand/fingers.

Then it will basically look like this.

Do it again to the rest of your nails.

Apply again another slide of colorless nail polish.

OOPS. I forgot to add this. I noticed that the colorless nail polish didn't brighten up the effect of newspaper so i applied a white crystal nail polish.

Voila! It's done! hope you liked it! :]

Friday, November 12, 2010

cold days comin'

My aunt gave me this lovely crocheted cardigan a few weeks ago. I wore it when i went to the mall to go make-up window shopping with bestfriend + her BF.

at my mom's bed LOL


I wore it to top my white sleeveless + black shorts.

BRRR. Cold days comin' have a great week everyone. :]

Almay foundation & Nichido Single eyeshadow review

I asked my mom to buy me some make up, any kind she might bump into when she go to some mall. After i think 2 days, she gave me an Almay nearly naked make up she bought from an officemate that just came back from the states. She bought it for around Php 400.00 ($9). I searched for online prices (just for curiosity) and it costs from $10 to $19 (at amazon). I dont really know the make up brand, Almay + its products. lol click THIS for info.

Front look

it's back, i still haven't removed the back sticker for the ingredients. too lazy, i guess. lol

The container's shape is rectangular and very edgy which makes it easy to open.

swatch (without flash)

I applied it on the right part of my hand (pictured above, without flash), it made my skin glossy in a darker way. eek. Must finish this up or else my mom would be in rage if it would be put to waste. lol

Soft Black, Carribean Blue and Cool Silver

Just bought 3 single eyeshadows from Nichido at SM last week. I bought 3 pieces cos its very cheap. One single eyeshadow costs Php 68.00 ($1.5), ain't that cheap?! But, Uh Oh...dont even expect much on the quality department. It is very powdery that you need to apply the shadow three times. The packaging is simple + chic and its as big as a 5 peso coin.

Nichido Cool Silver eyeshadow (applied 3 times)

made a smokey eye make up using the 3 shadows.

Closer look. Please dont mind my very untidy eyebrow. hehe

That's all...ciao! :]

Saturday, November 6, 2010

voila! it's red!

one of my favorite singer is Karen O (the yeah yeah yeahs). Other than her beautiful high-pitched voice, i'm amazed on how she can pull off any look or outfit with just only her trademark red lips and full bangs. That's why i made a look / make up inspired by her. teehee!

I focused on the lips. I made it as bright, glossy red as possible though she always wear matte red. lol

Products used:
eyes: brown eyeliner (eyebrow) + false lashes
lips: Carlo Di Roma perfect lip liner + Ever Bilena red lipstick + HerBench nude pink lipgloss

ever bilena red lipstick

carlo di roma red lip liner (as base)

then i applied the EB red lipstick + a hint of HerBench lipgloss on my lower lip.
I colored my eyebrow brown and put on fake lashes to brighten up my eye (i didn't use any eyeliner to give more focus on the red lips.)

and voila! finished!

hope you like it, if you do...thank you!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Marionnaud concealer brush review

Bought this a few months ago at Watsons. I think it costs around Php 70.00 ($1.6). This is actually my first concealer brush, so busy (+ excited) with my new make up brush set i only had to blog it now. lol

Advantages: soft, smooth hair, no shedding, can be used as an eyeshadow brush too + its cheap but doesn't look like one, classy smooth design. What i don't like about it is, it lacks length on the handle.
brush size length - almost same as a teaspoon

till next time! ciao :]

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween look ~ Make up Geek Club

The Make up Geek Club is celebrating the Halloween! whoppee! so here's my contribution. It's a toy soldier/nutcracker look from here, Jen's her name and after i saw that tutorial/video...i fell in love with her!haha She's really pretty and very creative. If you want to try the look for Halloween or want to check out her blog for other looks, click this. <3

sorry for the low quality picture/s. Only using my webcam cos my digicam is broken.

I super thank Alain for letting me use her laptop and matte eyeshadows, cos i dont have any :( , And Kath for the lighting. When i'm doing this look they were busy putting some facial mask on. Thanks again for Alain for buying me one of those facial mask! :]

After removing the lower part of my make up (lips, lines, blush) i noticed i can still use my eye make up for a photo trip! haha


Removing make up is the most hardest part. Got a teary eye after removing my fake lashes.

FUN! Halloween is fun! hehe
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