Sunday, April 11, 2010

i adore style

-the reason why I've decided to blog is for the love of fashion. I'm a college student and my everyday style is kinda punk-ish. I always wear stud belt paired with sneakers. If were talking about inspirations in styling, i look up to: Charlotte Cooper (the subways), Karen O (the yeah yeah yeahs), Hayley Williams (paramore), Agyness Deyn and many more. I love their music too. A long time ago i was a fan of shirts with darker shades but now i appreciate the lighter ones because its summer and it is so getting hot. =_=

Some of my looks i want to share!

I wear skirts whenever i go to the mall. that's my brother on the background.

Long sleeve top(flipped up to arms), Black skinny necktie, Black Cotton corduroy pants,and B&W slip-on sneakers.

Black 3/4 sleeve lace dress, knitted jacket (because it was cold) black panty hose, and black & glitter cream flats.

white half-arm top with vest and black leggings

till next time. *waves*

always late.

i'm pretty sure started a long time ago, the weird thing is i joined blogger just now; as in just minutes ago. Obviously, this is my first time blogging. How sad, but that's just fine. Better late than never eh. I've read a lot of blogs from fashion, chismis to nonsense. I tell you, there are people who blog about their life full of nonsense. oops.

But hey, who cares.

OLRAYT! finally have some place to spread some love and
rock n' roll.

later dudes.

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