Thursday, May 12, 2011

ELF Waterproof Eyeliner Pen Review

Eyeliners are my most favorite make up ever! You just use it to line your upper and/or lower lash line then voila! It gives your eyes intensity and instantly sharpens your look. But of course mascara and eyelash curler are also a must. I use pencil and liquid eyeliners and this is my first time to use/own an eyeliner pen.

ELF Waterproof Eyeliner Pen

Packaging close up. I bought the black one. It's also available in Midnight (Navy blue), Coffee (brown), Ash, Plum, Purple and Teal (Cobalt blue) Purple and Teal are their new colors out. I don't know if all colors/shade mentioned are available locally cos when I bought mine I only saw Midnight and Coffee.

1.Cheap! Priced at Php 129 ($2.99)
2.Easier to use than pencils and liquid eyeliners.
3.Pointed brush tip for easy application of thin lines.
4.Yes, It's waterproof.

not that good:
1. When application, The ink fades easily so shaking the pen is must (for the ink to flow down the brush). (VS eyeliner pencil)
2.Might dry up quickly so cover the pen if not in use.
3.Few applications is needed to build up color.

Eyeliner pen close-up.

Thin line (upper line) made by using only the tip of the eyeliner pen. Thick line made by lying down the brush. To make it last for hours, minimum of 4 applications is needed.

It's really cheap but I don't think It's worth to repurchase. I think I'm gonna try next the In2it eyeliner pen which is double the price of ELF eyeliner pen. I've only tried it once cos a friend of mine owns one. So... that's it! A bit satisfied.
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