Friday, January 7, 2011


Wore this outfit last Jan. 5 when i went to maru's (my boyfriend) house. He has the cutest name ever. LOL
i bought the bag at SM department store for only P299.00 ($6.75) I bought the bag for my thesis subject cos my not-yet-finished thesis book fits in. hehe. Actually according to Tim Gunn, never match your (the color) bag to your shoes. I dunno why, but he's serious with that. So I accessorized my bag with a blue scarf (which maru bought me) to match my top and add a popping bright color to the look.

i love my hair here. It looks really neat. XD

i have a secret to tell you guys... the reason why i tucked in my top is because it has a white spot which was really visible. But i guess tucking in my top worked out just fine. Now, it's not a secret anymore. augh. lol

Have a great weekend everyone! :D
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