Saturday, November 6, 2010

voila! it's red!

one of my favorite singer is Karen O (the yeah yeah yeahs). Other than her beautiful high-pitched voice, i'm amazed on how she can pull off any look or outfit with just only her trademark red lips and full bangs. That's why i made a look / make up inspired by her. teehee!

I focused on the lips. I made it as bright, glossy red as possible though she always wear matte red. lol

Products used:
eyes: brown eyeliner (eyebrow) + false lashes
lips: Carlo Di Roma perfect lip liner + Ever Bilena red lipstick + HerBench nude pink lipgloss

ever bilena red lipstick

carlo di roma red lip liner (as base)

then i applied the EB red lipstick + a hint of HerBench lipgloss on my lower lip.
I colored my eyebrow brown and put on fake lashes to brighten up my eye (i didn't use any eyeliner to give more focus on the red lips.)

and voila! finished!

hope you like it, if you do...thank you!
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