Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Newspaper Nail Art Tutorial

Hello ladies! This something i would like to share to you all. A simple nail art tutorial using newspaper! yes! you read it right. lol

Things we need:

Newspaper, a scissor + colorless nail polish

Cut a small square of newspaper (size same as your nails)

Cut the lower edges

Cut the edges based on your nails

Apply one glide of colorless nail polish. This will serve as your glue.

Wait for a few seconds then put on the paper.

It will not easily stick to your nails. Put pressure on both sides of your nails using your other hand/fingers.

Then it will basically look like this.

Do it again to the rest of your nails.

Apply again another slide of colorless nail polish.

OOPS. I forgot to add this. I noticed that the colorless nail polish didn't brighten up the effect of newspaper so i applied a white crystal nail polish.

Voila! It's done! hope you liked it! :]

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