Monday, May 16, 2011


We (my friends & I) did a make up test shoot yesterday and here's what we came up with. :)

I chose to do a Khloe Kardashian make-up look for my friend Kath. I dunno why, I just have this feeling that she looks like her (or almost?). :)

Khloe Kardashian (photo taken from Troy Jensen's Site)

I used my Dollface palette for her cheeks and black eye make-up. I used my ELF waterproof eyeliner pen and lined her eyelid and winged it out. I also applied false eyelashes and lined her lower lash line with Fashion21 white cream eyeliner.
I used Sophie nude lipstick for her lips.

I did a Maleficent (The evil witch in Sleeping Beauty) inspired make up look for Luisa which wasn't really what I planned for. I was really inspired by a picture of a model wearing a dark purple/blue eye make up which I found somewhere on the internet (I forgot the site, crap). And when I was halfway on finishing her (Luisa's) eye make up I got confused why It went like that. It's hard to explain. LOL.

Maleficent - the evil witch in Sleeping beauty (photo taken from Wikipedia)

And here's the final look.

I used my Dollface palette for her eye make up and Nichido Eyebrow kit for her brows. Lined her lids and put false eyelashes.

I used my Nichido lip liner in 'Rosette' which is of pinkish brown shade and applied lipgloss.

Hope I did a good job. :)

Lastly, I was inspired by this photo I found on google images and decided to go with this one for Alain.
(photo taken from here)

Again, with my humble Dollface palette I came up with this one and I hope it looks the same or near to reality to the image I was inspired of. :D

I used my Ever Bilena nude lipstick in 'off beat pink' and applied lipgloss.


I had a really great time though it was very exhausting. Alain told me that it took me 3 hours to finish all their make up (1 hour for each of them). Is that long enough? I don't know. Please enlighten me. XD
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